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We get to know the personalities of the puppies as they get around 4 weeks we can tell you whether they are leaders or followers, completely lazy or a little active, etc. This way we can get you the perfect match for your family, so that you will have a forever new member to your family. Basset Hounds form a strong bond with their families, and it breaks their hearts to be separated.​

Our AKC and CKC registered basset hounds are $500. We do this because we love Basset Hounds, not as a job. We think everyone needs a basset. They are super with children including those with special needs which is how we started with them.  Our basset hounds come to you with full registration. 

T​here is a $25 fee to get on the waiting list.  This is a nonrefundable fee and is not included in the price of your puppy.

October 18, 2021

Leo & Lulu

 are parents

This is Lulu on October 17, 2001

They are the proud parents of 

2 blue boys and a tan and white girl.  

The girl is very small!  

October 25th @ 1 week

 The little girl is getting bigger, but still small next to her brothers.  All are doing good though.

Here we are on November 22nd 

at 5 weeks

Boy #1   The Slaton's little Man

Little Sister Mr. Smith's little Angel

Boy # 2 The Rhode's Families Blue boy

October 18, 2021

Leroy & Lael

are parents

This is Lael on Oct 17, 2021.

  • What a load for this little lady!  

5 boys and 5 girls  

      weighing in at 128 ounces or 8 lbs 

 That is bigger than most human babies!

October 25th @ 1 week

All are off to a great start!

Here we are at 5 weeks on Nov 22nd

Boy #1 The Goodwin Families Boy

Boy #2 Hagan Families Lemon

Boy #3 The Lunt's Families Big Boy

Boy #4  The Corsino Families Little Lemon

Boy #5  The Mann Families Handsome Dude

Girl #1  The Cavin Families big girl

Girl #2 The Corsino Families Queen

Girl #​3 The Fuller Families little lady

Girl #4 The Sutton Families Little Acrobat

Girl #5  The Stinson Families little princess

MORE LITTERS COMING SOON! The boys are with the girls, so we are just waiting for nature to take its course and bless us with more babies. More updates as they become available!