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Our Blood Hounds

We are just getting started into the Blood Hounds, 

 and currently  have 4 to introduce.  

Lee's Girl Lady is an unregistered beautiful girl.  She is the leader of the pack.   She is a sweet, loving girl.  She is a red blood hound born December 6, 2018.  She is a great mother.

Lee's Boy Cooper is an AKC registered Male.  He is very handsome.  He is a loving, shy boy.  He is a Liver and Tan blood hound born April 3, 2019.

Lee's girl Daisy is an AKC registered girl.  She loves her sister, Iris, and they play together all the time.  She is the leader of the 2 girls.  She is a black and tan blood hound born June 3, 2022.

Lee's girl Iris is an AKC registered girl.  She loves her sister, Daisy, and loves to follow her.  They are good playmates.  She is a very shy girl, and loves to hide out in her house!  She is black and tan like her sister, but with a little less white on her chest.  She was born June 3, 2022.